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Assesment of Junior Secondary Schools Begins Nationwide

Assesment of Junior Secondary Schools Begins Nationwide

The assessment of all primary schools in the country will begin today (Monday) by the Ministry of Education.

This tries to determine whether or not the schools are prepared to accommodate Grade 7 learners who will now be enrolled in junior secondary.

A speedy result initiative will be used for the assessment, which will take place between January 9 and 20.

The Teachers Service Commission and National Government Administration Officers would be involved in the process, according to the circular.

From the national, regional, county, and subcounty levels, stakeholders in education will coordinate the assessment.

As both public and private schools will be evaluated, the ministry has mandated that all students move on to Grade 7.

Grade 7 learners will be admitted beginning on January 23, according to the 2023 school calendar.

Learners in Grade 7 who remain in primary schools will continue to report to their school’s principal.

Junior secondary school management will continue to be managed by primary school management, according to TSC legal officer Cavin Anyuor.

“As it stands, the administrator will still remain the headteacher of that primary until junior secondary takes off,” he said.

The national examination that could have been used to determine the transition of Grade 6 learners to Junior Secondary School was canceled by President William Ruto, which was a significant victory for parents.

Ruto mandated that learners who took the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment continue their education at the same junior secondary school.

The preliminary report summary issued by State House spokesman Hussein Mohamed stated, “The Grade 6 KPSE will not be used for placement in Junior Secondary School.

“Instead, it will be used as an assessment to monitor learning progress and provide feedback to education sector players on areas that require intervention.”

Following a meeting with President Ruto at State House, the working group issued the directives in a preliminary report.

Assesment of Junior Secondary Schools Begins Nationwide



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