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Mobile Records Add a New Twist to Murder Case of Nyamira Headteacher

Mobile Records Add a New Twist to Murder Case of Nyamira Headteacher

Records retrieved from Ezekiel Gitangwa’s phone proved that his assassins were interested in his money as well as his life.

County Criminal Investigations Officer Peter Kiboro told the press on Sunday, January 8, that money was taken from his mobile money wallet minutes after he died.

Kiboro revealed that Gitangwa’s bank account had been overdrawn by his former lover Agneta Agwata, who had wired the money to unsuspecting well-wishers.

“We have ascertained some withdrawals were made using his mobile phone line. The suspect said he had an overdraft and wanted to withdraw the money using somebody else’s phone,” he stated.

The alleged killers offered a percentage of the money to entice them to accept the money, including a bodaboda rider who was apprehended by police officials.

He informed the investigators that he had been promised Ksh300 in order to withdraw Ksh3,900.

A woman was also approached to withdraw an unspecified sum of money, which she gave to the primary suspects.

Agwata and her partner, a National Youth Service (NYS) officer, slipped into a drunken stupor using the cash, according to her.

Furthermore, the cops discovered a string of transactions between Gitangwa and Agwata just days before his death.

Kiboro revealed that they had sought for orders to search the deceased’s bank accounts to see whether the killers had also emptied his accounts.

He highlighted that the new findings pointed to a failed agreement, rather than the initial love triangle narrative provided by preliminary investigations.

Witnesses told police that Agwata avoided any suspicion from her neighbors after hearing the deceased’s cries for rescue.

She allegedly told them that the noise was caused by some of the guests she had invited to a New Year’s Eve celebration.

The headteacher was discovered dead in body bags in the nurse’s residence.

Mobile Records Add a New Twist to Murder Case of Nyamira Headteacher



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