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HELB Application Guidelines Changes That Govt Plans To Implement

HELB Application Guidelines Changes That Govt Plans To Implement

The national government is considering changing the Higher Education Loans Board’s application procedure (HELB).

The government is attempting to guarantee access to those who have been barred from participating in the process in the latest round of measures.

Students without National Identity Cards (ID) will be able to apply for loans under the new proposal in the Higher Education Loans (Amendment) 2021.

This means that students will be able to apply for loans with their parents’ National Identity Cards, with their parents listed as co-signatories.

Applicants under the age of 18 are currently barred, exposing them to financial hardship and disrupting their studies.

On the board’s online portal, HELB loan applicants must provide their national ID numbers as well as those of their parents.

“This will ensure that university students who have not attained the age of eighteen years and who do not yet have nation identification cards are allowed access to the higher education loans,” the memorandum of the Bill says.

HELB provides students with a loan of up to Ksh70,000, which must be repaid after the applicants graduate. The loans are expected to cover tuition as well as personal expenses.

The decision is a relief for thousands of students who had previously been locked out of the application process, forcing them to seek alternative funding.

Thousands of students were denied admission in September due to a lack of ID cards, prompting the national government to step in.

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In recent years, loan repayment has proven to be a headache for most students, prompting the government to propose a new law to address the issue.

In the most recent move, the University Fund, which is in charge of determining how much money is released to institutions, is attempting to compel public institutions of higher learning to secure job opportunities for graduates.

HELB Application Guidelines Changes That Govt Plans To Implement

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