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Why Uhuru and Raila are very likely to beat Ruto in BBI referendum

Kenya has had two constitution referendums before and speaking widely the front liners in it were Uhuru and Raila. First was the 2005 constitutional referendum in which the duo was on the same side and they managed to successfully campaign for the rejection of the constitutional changes.

In 2010 also they two were on the same side as Ruto was on the opposing side and Uhuru and Raila carried the day to the 2010 constitution promulgation. So it is fair to say the two when together have never yet lost a constitutional referendum campaign.

In this time this seems like a disadvantage to the Deputy President has not had a victory lapse in referendum campaigns as being on the opposing side with the two, President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, as the duo are pushing to popularize the BBI and have the constitution amended as the proposed referendums campaigns are underway.

It is said that Uhuru was mentored by the late president Moi thus must have gathered several tricks in the political arena and that’s why he does not seem to always be in a political war of words with his opponents. He even at a point mentioned that everything had its time so could it be that he must be applying Mois way of being patient and will react when he feels it’s the right time.

Now we will just have to continue speculating as we see how the BBI debate turns out.



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