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Why Parents Want School Re-opening Delayed

Why Parents Want School Re-opening Delayed.

Under government policy, all Grade 6 learners will transition to Junior Secondary in their respective primary institutions, the President added.

The Parliamentary Budget Office estimated that the government would need Sh28 billion to enhance the capacity of day schools that will host the Junior Secondary School. 

It is anticipated that the budget will shift to the new plan.

In light of the deplorable condition of classrooms around the nation, there are concerns that the classrooms may not be ready for the January 23 start date.

Parents have requested that the government consider delaying school opening dates until classrooms and laboratories are built.

According to official reports, the National Parents Association wants classrooms and laboratories to be ready before the next level’s students arrive.

However according Silas Obuhatsa, chairman of the NPA, it will take at least a month or weeks to put the institutions in place.

“The construction of enough classrooms and laboratories is possible in under a month,” the NPA boss said, inviting other players to come on board.

In part, the current financial year’s delayed disbursement of Constituency Development Funds impeded the progression of events.

The funds were retained by the National Treasury when the Supreme Court ruled that the law that established the fund was invalid. A recommendation from the Attorney General has since unlocked the funds.

MPs stated that the delayed disbursement of Constituency Development Funds hindered efforts to assist the government in meeting resource needs.

Peter Orero, a representative from Kibra, stated that without the NG-CDF, the national government would be unable to build adequate classrooms for learners.

Opposition leaders assert that the UDA government is conducting experiments on underprivileged children.

According to them, the Ruto administration should provide clear instructions and long-term solutions for CBC implementation.

Opiyo Wandayi, leader of the minority, stated that the Ruto administration should specify when the infrastructure will be completed.

To accommodate the learners who are transitioning to the next level.

The Minority Leader opined that the schools are not prepared to house the learners, citing the inability to meet the time and cost requirements given the rate at which funds such as CDF are allocated.

Wandayi further argued that teachers who will be responsible for junior high learners have not been retrained, and it is unknown whether they will come from primary or secondary schools.

Why Parents Want School Re-opening Delayed.



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