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Waiguru-Ngirici fued should stop, Kirinyaga leaders.

Waiguru-Ngirici fued should stop,Kirinyaga leaders.

The Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru and Woman Representative Wangui Ngirici were Sunday told to end their political rivalry and work together for the sake of peace in the region.

According to the local Jubilee officials, Ms. Waiguru and Ms. Ngirici, who are allied to Deputy President William Ruto, were engaging in a political battle that could cause bloodshed.

Led by the County Jubilee chairman Mureithi Kang’ara, the officials observed that the fight between the two leaders was causing panic and tension among Kirinyaga residents.

Recently, supporters of Ms. Waiguru and those of Mrs. Ngirici clashed in front of the deputy president. It took the intervention of the riot police to avert bloodshed. Ms. Ngirici has declared her interest to unseat Ms. Waiguru in 2022.

UDA ticket

Speaking in Sagana town, the officials said Kirinyaga has become a new battlefield for the two allies of the deputy president who are scrambling for a United Democratic Alliance ticket.

“We are asking Waiguru and Ngirici to stop each other so that our region is not plunged into chaos. And they should conduct their gubernatorial campaigns peacefully,” said Mr. Kang’ara.

The officials warned that should the leaders refuse to resolve their differences amicably, they will back a man for the gubernatorial seat to separate them.

“We have competent men who can take over the county’s top seat and if the two women continue fighting, then we shall rally behind one of them and ensure that he sails through,” Mr. Kang’ara said.

The two don’t see each other eye to eye. This started when Gov. Waiguru joined UDA.  

The Woman Rep complained that she had invested heavily in building UDA, only for newcomers to take over the party.

Political move

In protest, the Woman Rep kept away from Dr. Ruto’s recent tours of Embu. 

Although Ms. Ngirici stresses that she is watching the turn of events before she makes her next political move. However, she is confident she will retain her supporters, whichever decision she makes. The Woman Rep actively took part in popularising UDA in the area.  

She also led the residents in opposing the Building Bridges Initiative while Governor Waiguru was in support of it. The Jubilee officials defended the party, saying it was intact.

“Those claiming Jubilee is dead are misleading the public. Jubilee is very strong and it will field candidates for various seats come next polls,” added Mr. Kang’ara.

The Jubilee officials dismissed claims that they were working with Governor Waiguru.

“Ms. Waiguru defected to UDA and there is no way we can be together with her. We are in Jubilee to stay,” said Mr. Kang’ara. 

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