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valencia fined, granted partial stadium ban over racist abuse

valencia fined, granted partial stadium ban over racist abuse

  • The south stand of the Mestalla Stadium will be closed, a section to which Vinicius was seen pointing during the second half of Sunday’s game before informing the referee.
  • The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) stated that 22-year-old Vinicius will not be suspended for his dismissal in the 97th minute of the 1-0 loss.

Valencia has been punished with a partial stadium closure for five matches due to the racial abuse of Vinicius Jr., a forward for Real Madrid.

The Spanish police have detained three individuals in relation to the insult directed at the Brazilian on Sunday at Mestalla Stadium.

In addition, Valencia has been penalized 45,000 euros (£39,000).

The late red card issued to Vinicius has been revoked, indicating he will not be required to serve a suspension.

Valencia opted to partially shutter their stadium. “disproportionate, unjust and unprecedented” and stated that they intend to appeal this portion of the sanction.

“Valencia have collaborated from the first minute with the police and all relevant authorities to clarify the events that occurred,” There was a statement from the club.

“In addition, we have applied the maximum possible sanction with the ban for life from our stadium for racist behaviour of the fans identified by police.”

The south stand of the Mestalla Stadium will be closed, a section to which a visibly enraged and emotive Vinicius pointed during the second half of Sunday’s game before reporting the issue to the referee.

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) also stated that Vinicius. Who was sent off in the 97th minute of the 1-0 loss, will not be suspended. And will be available for Wednesday’s match against Real Vallecano.

Following a video assistant referee (VAR) review, Vinicius was dismissed for shoving Valencia forward Hugo Duro to the ground.

The VAR did not display the on-field referee the portion of the video. In which Duro grabbed the Brazilian by the neck prior to the incident, which is also a red card offense.

The RFEF stated in a statement that Vinicius’ dismissal by the referee was a result of him being violent.

“deprived of a decisive part of the facts”, mentioning that it was “impossible for him to properly assess what happened”.

The RFEF elaborated on the partial stadium closure as follows:
“It is considered proven that, as reflected by the referee in his minutes, there were racist shouts at Vinicius, altering the normal course of the match and considering the infractions very serious.”

In the second half, the match was halted after an enraged Vinicius reported opposing spectators to the referee.

Real has submitted the abuse of Vinicius as a hate crime to the Spanish prosecutor’s office.

Tuesday saw a number of Brazilians demonstrate in front of the Spanish consulate. Isabel Rodriguez, a spokeswoman for the Spanish administration, said:

“Spain is fighting this behaviour. We condemn it and we are working to eradicate it.”

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said Brazilian Vinicius is “very sad.” Despite the harassment, he is overwhelmed by the support he has received and believes he will remain in Spain.

“I don’t think [he will leave Spain], because he loves football and he loves Real Madrid,”said Ancelotti.”His love for the club is very big and he wants to make his career here.”

LaLiga clubs speak out against prejudice

Multiple times this season, Vinicius has been the target of racial slurs. And following the most recent incident, he has received support from the footballing community.

In addition, the incident’s handling has been widely criticized, including by the Brazilian government.

Before Tuesday night’s matches between Real Valladolid and Barcelona. Celta Vigo and Girona, players and match officials stood in front of banners. Reading “Real Valladolid vs. Barcelona” and “Celta Vigo vs. Gir “Racism, out of football”.

When he was substituted in the second half, Barcelona winger Raphinha sent a message of support to a fellow countryman.

Additionally, the daughter of Brazilian legend Pele urged football’s governing bodies to adopt stronger anti-racism measures

.”Spain should be ashamed. La Liga should be ashamed. Real Madrid should be ashamed that they’re not putting their foot down and standing up for him,”On Instagram, Kelly Cristina Nascimento wrote.

“How much more powerful if my father’s legacy was not a stadium, but a movement, a law, a tangible action that fights racism, that makes it so a Vinicious Junior today does not have to go through what my father went through in 1958.”

La Liga has said it will request “more sanctioning powers”

So that it can punish incidents of racism, after the Spanish league’s management of the Valencia incident was widely criticized.

“belongs to racists” and “in Brazil, Spain is known as a country of racists”.
Tebas responded by stating that Vinicius failed to attend a meeting twice to discuss what it “can do in cases of racism”, adding:

“Before you criticise and slander La Liga, you need to inform yourself properly.”

valencia fined, granted partial stadium ban over racist abuse



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