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Twitter Account Verification Process

Twitter Account Verification Process

Because of the coveted ‘blue badge,’ verified accounts on social media always stand out. They are regarded as genuine and credible, especially in light of imposters and bogus accounts.

Aside from the pride and class that comes with having one’s account verified, the blue tick also guarantees more followers because users prefer such accounts for their credibility and believability.

However, many people find the verification process to be difficult. For one to be verified on Twitter, a set of rules must be followed.


The authenticity of the user’s identity is crucial among these considerations. Twitter is keen on establishing the user’s identity details in order to weed out impersonators.

This is accomplished by submitting official government identification documents such as identity cards and national passports.

This is true for users who have individual accounts and want to verify them.

A link to the organization’s official website is required for the verification request to be considered.

Official email addresses with distinct domains can also be used.


As part of the considerations for verifying accounts, Twitter also considers a user’s prominence.

Although the decision to verify is not entirely based on the number of followers, Twitter states that the number of followers or mentions is one of the factors for verification.

Notability, evidence could be measured by the user’s geographic area’s mention rate or following.

Twitter has a mechanism in place to assess the authenticity of an account’s engagement activity.

Furthermore, news coverage could be used as a parameter to assess notability.

A user must provide articles about the organization or individual in question, preferably from a reputable news source.

Furthermore, Twitter allows account holders to link to Wikipedia articles that describe them or their organizations.

Google search history could also be useful in the verification process.


Furthermore, it is worth noting that Twitter follows strict guidelines when reviewing applications for verification.

A profile name and a profile photo are required for an account to be verified.

An eligible account must also be public and have been active for at least six months.

A user requesting account verification should also ensure that the account has an email or phone number associated with it for security purposes.


However, the social networking site is also on the lookout for Twitter rule violators.

This includes the requirement that the account in question does not have a history of suspension for at least the previous 12 months.

It is also worth noting that Twitter does not verify parody accounts, fictional characters, or unofficial fan accounts.

Twitter Account Verification Process



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