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TSC Assigns One Teacher Per Junior Secondary Class

TSC Assigns One Teacher Per Junior Secondary Class.

The commission has assigned one teacher per class for junior high. 

Primary schools will receive teachers proportional to the number of seventh-grade classrooms they have.

Primary schools will receive tutors proportional to the number of Junior Secondary classes, according to the teachers’ employer. 

The commission agreed to appoint one instructor per class in January 2023.

He stated that successful teachers will be equitably allocated among the nation’s 47 counties, with the remainder going to counties with the greatest need.

“Distribution of teachers has been done proportionate to the number of classes available. For example, Kiambu, which has 846 classrooms, will receive 249 permanent and pensionable teachers, as well as 597 intern teachers, for a total of 844 teachers,” Muturi said.

He named Kakamega, Kitui, Kisumu, and Makueni as the understaffed counties of the nation.

“Distribution of the 5,000 intern teachers have been shared equally whereby each county will get 21 teachers while the remaining 13 teachers will be posted to counties with acute shortage,” Muturi said.

The Commission was allotted a budget for the recruitment of 6,000 teacher interns during the fiscal year 2022/2023. (4,000 for Secondary and 2,000 for primary).

Therefore, the total number of teachers to be hired is 36,000.

The Commission announced around 35,550 vacancies on December 10 as follows: 

Permanent and pensionable positions for nine thousand secondary school teachers to be assigned to junior secondary schools.

One thousand posts on P&P for primary school teachers. 

There are 21,550 positions for teacher interns in junior high schools. 

4,000 internship positions for teachers in primary schools

According to TSC chairman Jamleck Muturi, the commission hires based on a scarcity.

“The recruitment exercise will be conducted at the subcounty level and successful candidates posted by the county directors to serve in any primary or Junior secondary school in the county where they applied or where the vacancy exists,” Muturi said.

TSC Assigns One Teacher Per Junior Secondary Class.



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