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Student Runs Away From School After Being Found With 13 Rolls Of Bhang

Muranga county police are pursuing a student who ran away from Kiruri secondary school in kangema Sub-county after being found in possession of 13 rolls of bhang.

According to county commissioner Mohamed Barre the form 3 student was coming back to school after serving a suspension. The narcotics are said to have been found in the presence of his parent as he was being frisked.

Warning students against the ongoing arrest, he urged parents to caution their children to avoid engaging in crime.

“The school sent home a boy on disciplinary grounds, unfortunately when he came back and came back with one of the parents, he came to the school carrying in the same bag that he wanted to enter the school with 13 rolls of bhang! so you really don’t understand whether that man wants to learn or he just wanted to go and spoil the rest of the students in the school.

So he’s not in the school and their parents have seen for themselves what actually their son is made of, and there’s no way they are going to blame the school for having first suspended him, and it will be difficult for the school management although I’m not speaking for them to allow such a student back into the school” He said.





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