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Schoolboys Targeted By Older Women in Migori County

An Education activist has revealed that Migori County older women are reportedly preying on schoolboys as schools remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Thursday, Migori Civic Organization Association Secretary-General Titus Orwa, said that the organization has been receiving several reports, one of the major ones being in Suna West Constituency and Nyamaharaga area. 

Orwa revealed that rich women who are single, widowed or even married have been reported of sexually molesting schoolboys with a promise of good life and kinds of stuff as they warm their beds. He, however, blamed parents for refusing to report the matter. 

According to Evans Rube, the Nyamaharaga assistant chief, two women of 39 years and 42 years old have been taken to court for cohabitating with under-aged Machicha Mixed Secondary School aged 17-year-old student and a class seven pupil respectively. 

Mr Marube also blamed parents for not allowing the union to proceed with cases leading to only two cases being forwarded to relevant authorities. Villagers have been reportedly threatening to lynch the couples in their houses according to the assistant chief. 

Marube said that 13 pregnancy cases have been reported in the past one month but in boys causes who have been lured marriage has not been easy because most boys cases are not reported. 

According to The 17-year-old boy's mother, his son disappeared from their homestead for several weeks. The family got worried and started to look for him via the local administrators and media only for the son to turn up with the 39-year-old woman. 

The son introduced the woman as his wife. According to her mother, the woman had been married before in Tanzania before she was chased by her husband back to Kenya. 

When the seventeen-year boy was asked to divorce the woman, the boy started demanding for inherited his piece of land to be sold in order to pay the dowry to officially marry the woman. 

The woman is said to be having 5 children. Her firstborn is is an age-mate to this boy. 

In another case of the class 7 boy of 14 years, it is allegedly reported that the boy escaped from home to marry a 42-year-old mother who was a mother of his classmate.

According to Marube, the two cases were reported to the police post at Piny Oyie and forwarded to Migori law courts. The women will be charged with defilement and other sexual offences. 



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