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Public School In Nakuru Thrush Private Academies Giant In KCPE

Public School In Nakuru Thrush Private Academies Giant In KCPE.

The results of the 2022 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination, which was released on Wednesday, show that a public primary school in Nakuru County produced students who outperformed top private academies.

Moi Primary School provided most of the region’s top candidates in this year’s KCPE.

This feat was not witnessed in the preceding five years on the national examination.

In the past, private schools have dominated academics in the region.

Sweeny Blessed scored 420 marks and was among the top 15 candidates nationally.

The school had 206 candidates, and over 25 of them scored above 400 marks.

Blessed attributed the success to the professors’ and candidates’ hard work and dedication.

“We are happy about the results. All this is attributed to hard work and dedication by both teachers and candidates,” Blessed said.

Mitchell Jepyegon, who scored 415 marks, stated that despite their limited time to prepare for examinations, the results were outstanding.

“The results justify the work. “I am happy my class has brought honor to our school,” stated Jepyegon.

Paul Ochieng Okuku, a parent, said that the success of Moi Primary School shows that the free primary education program has grown up.

The majority of Kenyans could not afford private school tuition.

Therefore, he urged the government to supply public schools with infrastructure and teachers.

According to the results released by Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, the top applicant in this year’s Standard Eight examinations scored 431 out of 500 possible marks.

In a departure from usual, Machogu did not identify the top candidates during the official release of results at Mitihani House in Nairobi.

9 443 candidates scored 400 or more marks, while 307 756 candidates scored between 300 and 399 marks.

In addition, the CS said that 619,593 candidates scored between 200 and 299 marks.

Between 100 and 199 marks were earned by 296,336 candidates. A total of 724 candidates scored less than 99 marks.

Tom Murithi, who scored 428 marks at Gilgil Hills Academy, attributes his success to the support he attributed from his teachers and classmates.

More than 30 students achieved a score of 400.

“Examinations are not very terrifying if one is well-prepared, as was the case for everyone in my class. “Hard work pays off,” Murithi declared.

Murithi, age 13, stated that he hopes to attend Alliance Boys High School for his secondary school and pursue a degree in Medicine at the University of Nairobi.

The school’s principal, Mr. Kephas Mwangi, stated that despite the limited preparation time, the candidates performed admirably.

“These candidates comprehended the job and recognized what was required. They were all composed and prepared for the examination. Mr. Mwangi stated that it was a highly disciplined class.

Ms. Beth Kanyi, the school’s director, was ecstatic that this year’s results represented a significant improvement over the previous year’s.

“I have noted improvement in this year’s KCPE examination. We are proud as schoolteachers and schoolparents at this school to observe that many candidates who passed the examinations will join secondary school as compared to other years,” said Kanyi. 

Although Leon Maina expected to pass his exams at Roots Academy, he was pleasantly surprised by his exceptional achievement.

The 13-year-old with aspirations of studying engineering at one of Kenya’s public universities scored 420 marks and hopes to enroll at Mang’u High School.

He attributed his results to his teachers and parents. “As I appreciate God for the marks I’ve scored, I am aware that my parents and teachers played a significant influence in my academic success,” he stated.

According to the principal, Collins Odhiambo, the teachers’ hard work, discipline, and dedication produced excellent results.

“We are proud of our accomplishments, but there is significant room for growth in the coming years. We only require support from key stakeholders,” he stated.

The school has more than 15 students who scored over 400.

Public School In Nakuru Thrush Private Academies Giant In KCPE.



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