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Primary Schools Teachers To Get Most Promotion After TSC Readvertisement

Primary Schools Teachers To Get Most Promotion After TSC Readvertisement.

14,742 teachers who had remained stagnant without promotion can now advance.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has reopened applications after last week’s cancellation.

Teachers’ unions and other educators denounced the earlier advertisement as discriminatory and not hiring experienced teachers.

TSC says primary schools will get most promotions.

3,210 secondary and 10,507 elementary school vacancies were published.

Akello Misori, Secretary General of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET), said all senior teachers, Deputy Principals, and Principals will be automatically promoted.

“We want Job Group C2 and C3 teachers promoted automatically after three years. We demand that no cadre be left in promotion commercials for as long as it is,” Misori added.

He noted that many Job Group D3 principals in Sub-County schools had stagnated for years and were not promoted.

He says most post-primary teachers are in Job Groups C3 and C4.

Dr. Nancy Macharia, TSC CEO, says promotions will follow professional development criteria.

However, Misori stated career progression norms consider senior Masters in Secondary Schools a meaningful deployment.

“The entry cadre to senior Masters Category is senior Masters IV a position teacher at C3 should be promoted to.

“We noticed that most schools do not have substantive senior Masters, so the majority are internally appointed where they have acted for a long time, which is illegal under labour laws,” Misori said.

He stated the 1,330 instructors promoted are little compared to the many who have remained in this group.

Misori said most of those teachers will replace departing colleagues but not be promoted.

He noted the majority of listed roles appear to be replacements for current services, thus there are no new promotions.

Dr. Macharia stated 1,021 instructors will be deployed to 18 ASAL counties, while 13,717 principals, deputy principals, senior masters, and head teachers in primary and secondary schools will be shared across the country.

Job Group 5 will install new top principals at four Teachers Training Colleges.

Another 73 teachers will become chief principals in both normal and Special Needs Education (SNE) schools, while 603 will become principals in regular schools.

17 deputy principals and eight special education teachers will be promoted.

Deputies in cluster III for regular schools have 224 seats and deputy principals II in Job Group D2 have 725.

SNE will get 15 spots and 208 cluster II senior teachers in D1. Senior teachers 1 in C3 had the most promotions, 1,330.

2,733 primary school principals will be transferred to regular schools and put in Job Group C5.

32 more SNE instructors will be promoted, replaced by 7,720 C4 deputies and 22 SNE teachers.

Dr. Macharia stated teachers seeking promotion to Chief Principal in Teacher Training Colleges must have served as Senior Principal at T-Scale 14.

She claimed high school principals must have been Senior Principals, but principals must prove they were Deputy Principal II/Senior Master I.

Deputy Principal II and III must have been Deputy Principal II or Senior Master I T-Scale 12. Deputy Principal IIIs in Special Schools must have a Diploma in Special Needs Education and Senior Master III experience.

Primary Schools Teachers To Get Most Promotion After TSC Readvertisement



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