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Police Officer Gone Rogue In Kabete, Residents stage demos.

Police Officer Gone Rogue In Kabete, Residents stage demos.

In a bizarre incident that occurred at 1 a.m. today, a police officer shot and killed six people before committing suicide in Nairobi’s Dagoretti neighbourhood.

According to police, constable Benson Imbatu of Kabete police station went home with his AK47 rifle and picked a fight with his wife Carol Imbatu.

He killed her in the Heights Apartments near N Market. After that, he went out on Thiongo Road and began shooting at anyone he saw.

“Kevo was a DJ and the last we heard from him was when he told us he had left the funeral, we later found out he had been shot,” neighbors told NationSpy.

“We’ve been told that the cop had mental issues, so why won’t the OCS come here and talk to us?” he continued.

This is tragic; we cannot accept it; we have raised these children in the midst of adversity, selling mboga to feed and educate them, only to have them slaughtered like chickens. There will be no lasting peace until this issue is resolved.

Protests in the area have erupted in response to the shooting, with residents demanding answers as to why it occurred.

Locals lit bonfires near the scene where some of the victims died, demanding to know what happened. “We were told the officer had mental problems.” “What was he doing at work?” wondered one local.

“Saa hizi hakuna kazi, mavijana walikua wametoka matanga akina Ojodhe, Jadu, Wiki, Georges a Kevo, so sasa after matanga walicome wengine mguu, wengine na nduthi, huyo karao ni kama kichwa yake,” added another.

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