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Observers dismiss ugandas election and Musevenis win

The observer under the African Election Watch has dismissed the just concluded and announced Uganda election which said that it was met with several merits. The elections board in Uganda announced Museveni as the president who was running for his sixth time.

The observers while giving their overall report on the election said that more than seven and a half million registered voters did not vote since they were intimidated by the militia.

The observers also dismissed Museveni’s win saying the election was marred by irregularities such as the biometric kits did not work in certain parts whish led the officials to go the manual way which brought in some irregularities in their transmission that was also done using the internet that had disruptions.

They also said that most Ugandans were not allowed to exercise their right to choose their leaders since there was fear of possible post-election violence if another candidate was chosen.

They also stated that agents from different political parties were not allowed to enter the polling stations to check the results of their individual candidates thus saying its where the irregularities came in.

This comes at a time when Bobby Wine has been prevented from leaving his house and the militia creating fear. It seems like Museveni is afraid of him thus using the military to intimidate Bobby.

The report though will seem futile if the opposition does not appeal about the elections as they will have to wait for another term until they contest again.

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