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New twist emerges in the Ndichu twins assault case as DPP orders the prosecution of the Murgor sisters

New twist emerges in the Ndichu twins assault case as DPP orders the prosecution of the Murgor sisters

A new twist has emerged in the Ndichu twins assault case, with the DPP ordering the prosecution of the Murgor sisters.

When the accusers were ordered to enter a plea in a case in which two techie brothers are accused of assault and malicious damage, a new twist emerged.

On December 9, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions charged one of the two sisters, Stephanie Murgor, 24, and her sister Cheryl Murgor, 22, with fighting in public and assault.

This is in connection with a case in which the two have accused twin brothers Edward and Paul Ndichu of assault and maliciously damaging their car.

On November 17, the ODPP ordered the twins to be charged with assault and malicious property damage.

However, the taking of the plea was postponed pending the processing of a new complaint by a woman, Munyra Hassan Mohamed, who was also involved in the scuffle when the alleged assault occurred in October 17 at the Emara Ole Sereni Hotel,Nairobi.

According to their lawyer and uncle, Philip Murgor, the two sisters are now scheduled to appear in court on December 14 for a possible plea bargain.

“The ladies are all set. We will appear in court. The police informed us of the unfortunate news, and we are now prepared. “The girls are looking for justice,” he said.

It is unclear when the Ndichu brothers will take their plea on November 17, as directed by the ODPP.

Their lawyer, Edwin Sifuna, stated that they were prepared for any scenario.

Following the developments, the Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya (Fida) protested the manner in which the investigation was carried out.

Fida wrote to the ODPP’s Nairobi regional director, Joseph Riungu, stating that they are representing Stephanie and Cheryl.

Executive director Annie Ireri stated that the two women’s rights had been flagrantly ignored despite compelling evidence provided by their clients to conduct proper investigations.

“Instead, we’ve been issued with baseless counter-accusations against our clients, which we reject,” she said.

Fida, according to Ireri, is dissatisfied with the outcome of the investigation process thus far and would like a review of the matter to understand the circumstances surrounding the DPP’s ability to exercise its mandate.

“In particular, Fida-Kenya would like to express its concern regarding the investigation process being carried out on the alleged assault,” the letter stated.

Murgor has been protesting the delay in charging the two brothers, despite the fact that the ODPP had ordered their prosecution.

Before being issued a P3 form, the two sisters reported the incident, recorded additional statements, and narrated their ordeal on the day to the police.

Officers also took a statement from a witness in the case who was also assaulted during the drama and issued him a P3.

They also obtained official records of the M-Pesa transaction involving the Ndichu brothers and Samuel Ramdas, the owner of the damaged car.

The team also examined the car that was damaged during the drama at the hotel and was photographed by Scenes of Crime personnel.

Officers who responded to the scene recorded their statements as well. They were also able to obtain CCTV footage of the drama.

In the city, the two women own a designer clothing store. They claimed to be attending a wedding after-party on the 10th floor of the hotel, accompanied by two friends, Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech.

At around 2.30 a.m., one of the twin brothers allegedly made an inappropriate pass at Stephanie, to which she responded by telling him she recognizes him as the husband of media personality Janet Mbugua. Munyra, who was with the brothers, exclaimed “ex-husband!”

One of the brothers’ investors in their company, Wapi Pay, dropped out.

Following the drama, they both resigned from the company.

Kepple Africa Venture has announced that it will withdraw its funding from the tech firm after its co-founders, the Ndichu brothers, were accused of sexual assault.

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In response, the Chinese investor stated that they will no longer work with the two brothers’ company.

As a result, the brothers have launched a campaign to improve their online reputation.

New twist emerges in the Ndichu twins assault case as DPP orders the prosecution of the Murgor sisters



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