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Missing Kirinyaga Pupil Discoverd Dead In A Fish Pond

Missing Kirinyaga Pupil Discoverd Dead In A Fish Pond.

The body of a nine-year-old pupil who went missing from his family’s house in Kirinyaga County on January 4 was discovered in a fish pond in his town of Karia, constituency of Kirinyaga Central.

According to family members, the boy disappeared from their home a day ago immediately after his mother had cleaned him and was preparing to take him with her to work at Karia Shopping Centre.

Charity Njagi, the grandmother of the deceased, stated that they had a difficult time searching for the youngster before the children of a neighbor informed them there was a body in their fish pond.

While attributing her grandchild’s death to the dam owners’ failure to secure the dams with a fence, the children informed her that he was last seen playing with a dog.

“Those who own these dams should fence them because if it was fenced, the child would not have fallen there,” said Njagi.

The owner of the fish pond, Loise Wakuthii, stated that she was not present when the unfortunate incident occurred and was informed of it by her guests.

“I was shocked to see people in my compound only to be told a boy died in my fish pond,” Wakuthii explained.

“The child came to my place and started playing with my dog. Two visitors came to fill out the ophan form. When they didn’t find me, they used the path where the dam is and didn’t notice They didn’t know whether the child was mine.”

Moses Munene, the uncle of the slain child, stated that the proprietors of fish ponds must enclose their dams in order to protect the lives of their children.

“If someone has his own dam, let them fence it so that you can save yourself from such situations and for the safety of our children,” Munene said.

Missing Kirinyaga Pupil Discoverd Dead In A Fish Pond



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