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Ministry of Health to put up a vaccination center at TSC offices as commission launches a medical insurance app

37 secondary school teachers have died from COVID-19 related cases. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia has revealed.

TSC said it is impressed with the high rate of COVID-19 vaccine intake among teachers. As of yesterday, 151,491 teachers had been vaccinated.

“This constitutes 48.9 percent, female teachers and 51 percent male. The TSC is impressed with the high rate of COVID-19 vaccine uptake among teachers. The majority of the teachers aged 58 and above have taken the jab,” she said.

“So far we have lost 37 secondary school teachers including 24 principals, 3 deputy principals, and 10 classroom teachers. We have created a medical insurance app for teachers for telemedicine access.”

“Having concluded the examination period, I beseech all teachers to take up the jab. The President granted all teachers an opportunity to get the vaccination regardless of age. Let us utilize this gracious opportunity to protect our lives.

“It is sad to note that so far, we have lost 37 secondary school teachers; including 24 principals, three deputy principals and 10 classroom teachers,” she said.

The TSC boss said Kenya cannot afford to lose any more teachers and the commission will do everything possible to ensure that teachers live healthy lives.

She said the commission has provided full medical cover for COVID-19-related ailments as well as a medical insurance app through their health insurance provider MINET.

According to her, the WalimuCare app allows teachers to access telemedicine access anytime and from anywhere including isolation centers and their homes.

“The app also ensures access to COVID-19 health tips. You can track your hospital visits, order for medication, and manage your dependents,” she added.

PS for Early Learning and Basic Education Dr. Julius Jwan urged teachers and heads of schools to adhere to guidelines on covid-19 protocols upon resumption of learning today.

They were speaking during the release of the 2020 KCSE exams at Mitihani House today.




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