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Magoha confirms Next CBC class to be Launched in the next Academic Year

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has confirmed that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) transition will proceed as planned.


The CS announced that Grade 5 will be the next CBC class to be launched when students return to school for the new academic year on Thursday, August 5, 2021.

CS Magoha assured learners and their parents that the Ministry had already made arrangements for the books and other equipment learners will require when they resume in-person learning.

“As far as Grade 5 is concerned, the books are already in schools so when we reopen on August 5, every child in Grade 5 will find a book in school and a desk to sit on,” he stated.

According to the CS, the Ministry expects 1.3 million students to report to school for the Grade 5 class. He mentioned that the government had set aside funds to ensure a smooth transition as well as improved infrastructure in a few schools.

According to the CS, the Ministry has already disbursed Sh4.2 billion for the exercise. He explained that Sh1.9 billion would go to the purchase of desks while the rest of the funds will build classes in selected primary and secondary schools.

“For example, the desks which we were supplying at Sh3,500, some other people have been charging Sh7,000, so where does the Sh3,500 go? So this is a matter which is not political and we shall be ready and willing to deal,” the CS explained.



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