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Kenyans could not spare Philip Etale after his attack on Ruto’s daughter

ODM Communication Director Philip Etale came under hot fire after his remarks about deputy president William Ruto ‘s daughter June Ruto on her appointment as ambassador.

On his official Twitter page Etale went ahead and tweeted
“DP Ruto’s daughter June was appointed Ambassador immediately after graduating from University. She is lucky to have been born in a rich family. What about her classmates who are still tarmacking because they were born in less fortunate families! Then you want to say Kazi ni Kazi!”

This probably came up with talks of a dynasty in the political arena where it has been said only two families in Kenya are the only ones dominating including that of President Kenyatta the Kenyata family and the Odinga family which is that of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

Etale went on to rubbish Ruto’s slogan where he had helped popularize the notion dynasty saying he also was not any different from the other political figures since he was using his influence to secure his daughter a job way faster than others of the same knowledge.

Kenyans though who were in support of June did not take it easy on Etale with others saying that his statements were political since he had not even mentioned Railas daughter who may have benefitted from the ‘Odinga,s name’.

One went ahead to even tell that was he in the same position he would have taken advantage and probably his relatives or friends would take such a position.

The dynasty war has been coming over the recent past times where Kenyans were even expressing concerns saying that they would have preferred if any other people would lead the country in a better way.

Even though at a recent burial President Uhuru Kenyatta had gone ahead and rubbished those claims and cautioned those who were spreading propaganda.

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