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Hair Transplant Process And Cost In Kenya

Hair Transplant Process And Cost In Kenya

Do you have a bald spot on your head? Before you consider joining the ‘bald men/women association,’ consider getting a hair transplant instead.

Hair transplant surgery is now available in Kenya, and Dr. Arshni Malde is one of the doctors who perform it.

Dr. Arshni stated on Citizen TV’s daybreak show that there is a need to raise awareness about hair transplants in order to dispel popular stereotypes that transplanted hair is fake.

What is the procedure for a hair transplant?

A hair root is removed from another part of the head and replanted on the bald area during a hair transplant procedure.

Dr. Arshni describes the procedure as natural, stating that hair from the back of the head is used the most because it is the strongest.

When a patient arrives at a clinic for a hair transplant, the first step is to shave their entire head.

“We only need the root. Take root at the back of the head, make a small hole on the front (bald area) and then replant the hair,” Dr. Arshni said.

She also stated that a hair transplant is an outpatient procedure that can be completed in two days with only local anesthesia.

The patient arrives at the clinic in the morning and is allowed to leave in the evening, returning the next day for dressing.

The healing process and its consequences

Following a hair transplant, a patient must have weekly, then monthly, check-ups for about four months.

During this time, stem therapy is performed on the transplanted hair to provide nutrients and promote growth.

Before a doctor washes your hair for the first time, you are not allowed to wash it for the first 7 days and must instead use a medicated spray.

It takes about 8 months to a year for the transplanted hair to fully grow, and it should not be trimmed for the first 4 months. It can then be trimmed with scissors.

Furthermore, you are not to style, braid, or wear a cap for at least 8 months because the cap suffocates the baby’s hair.

“It takes long for the hair to grow because it goes through a cycle for about 90 days, and then it falls off and starts growing again. But that is only the transplanted hair, the rest is still natural and original

According to Dr. Yashni, if done correctly, a hair transplant has no side effects. She dispels myths about hair transplants causing brain damage, cancer, or memory loss.

Hair transplant cost in Kenya

The cost of a hair transplant procedure in Kenya ranges from Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 700,000, depending on the severity of the baldness.

Dr. Yashni’s clinic charges Ksh 100 per root for hair transplants.

“We gauge on the extent of baldness, when your baldness is about two inches, it takes about 2000 roots,” she said.

An additional 60,000 will be spent on stem therapy as well as other costs for 8 months of care, supplements, and blood tests.

Hair Transplant Process And Cost In Kenya



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