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Government complete plan to disband Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs) exam council

Government complete plan to disband Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs) exam council.

The government intends to dissolve a critical exams agency, potentially disrupting testing procedures for thousands of technical and vocational training (TVET) students.

According to the Saturday Standard, the government is getting closer to abolishing the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Certification Council (TVETCDACC).


The certification council, established under Section 44 of the TVET Act, is tasked with designing and developing curricula for examination, assessment, and competency certification at training institutions.

Currently, there are 249,316 students enrolled in over 2,000 technical institutions. There are 12 national polytechnics, 1,146 technical-vocational colleges, and 1,035 vocational training centres among them.

The council has established examination and competency assessment rules, as well as the issuance of certificates to candidates who meet national TVET examination and competency assessment requirements.

However, under the new plan, all curriculum functions currently performed by the council will be transferred to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). At the same time, the council's examination functions will be transferred to the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec).

It remains unclear how the council established by an Act of Parliament will be disbanded without amending the law, but the winding-up plan seems to have begun in 2014 when the government directed the transfer of functions to Knec and KICD.

In a letter dated February 27, 2014, to then-Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi, Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua referred to the 2013 task force report on parastatal reforms, which developed a new policy on the management of government-owned enterprises.

“To deepen the parastatal reform process, a committee was appointed by the president to implement the new policy. The committee has made a decision that you be requested to initiate the process of transferring the mandates and functions as indicated. In this respect, you may proceed to constitute a team to coordinate the assignment in liaison with the State Corporations Advisory Committee,” said Mr Kinyua.

Kinyua also wrote to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on December 22, last year, saying that despite instructions to the Ministry of Education in 2014 to kick-start the process, progress was slow.

According to sources, Prof Magoha's technical committee, which was formed to work out the details of the council's dissolution, has completed its work.

According to TVET Principal Secretary Jwan Julius, the State Department has prepared a brief on the formation of a committee to oversee the transfer of functions from TVETCDACC to KICD and Knec.



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