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Father Sentenced to 40 Years for Impregnating Grade 7 Daughter

Father Sentenced to 40 Years for Impregnating Grade 7 Daughter

A Loitoktok court has sentenced a father to 40 years in prison after finding him guilty of incest with his 15-year-old schoolgoing daughter.

Freelance Resident Magistrate Samuel Ndungu convicted and punished Mutua for committing incest with his daughter on various days between November 27, 2021 and January 2, 2022 in the Isinet district of Loitoktok Sub County.

According to the Grade 7 girl at Isinet primary school, her father invited her to their bedroom one day in November 2021 after sending her other siblings to the local butchery while her mother was at work.

The girl told the court that her father attempted to molest her, but she escaped.

However, he threatened to kill her and her mother if she revealed the information.

On a later day on November 27 of the same year, however, the girl told the court that the defendant brought her a cup of tainted water, which caused her to become dizzy.

She went to bed and awoke the next morning without clothing. In the meantime, the accused ordered her to bathe.

The girl revealed the incident to the headmaster of Isinet Primary school, Paul Gatimu, who instructed the Guidance and Counseling mistress, Patricia Gichuki, to handle the situation. The girl was warned not to discuss the incident with anybody owing to her father’s threat.

Later, the incident was reported to the Loitoktok Police Station, and the suspect was apprehended and charged with the crime.

The complainant was transported to the Loitoktok Sub-County hospital, where she was checked and found to be pregnant.

In court, the defendant denied the charges and claimed he was falsely charged by the girl and another woman, Mama Nduku, when she refused to cease associating with her.

However, Resident Magistrate Samuel Ndung’u deemed the evidence of the Gatimu, Gichuki, and the child to be well-corroborated and ruled that the prosecution had proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt, thereby imposing the sentence.

According to the legislation, the defendant has 14 days to file an appeal against the punishment if dissatisfied.

Father Sentenced to 40 Years for Impregnating Grade 7 Daughter



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