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Ezra Chiloba Changes His Mind About Sim Card Registration

Ezra Chiloba Changes His Mind About Sim Card Registration

The Communications Authority of Kenya has reversed an earlier directive that required Kenyans to re-register their SIM cards.

According to CA Director General Ezra Chiloba, the directive only applies to those who have unregistered sim cards.

Chiloba and his team’s U-turn came just two days after he issued a warning that Kenyans who did not re-register their sim cards would face a Ksh300,000 fine or six months in prison.

Chiloba has set April 15 as the deadline for re-registering SIM cards.

Kenyans who purchased SIM cards in 2021 were also required to re-register. CA stated that it aimed to reduce illegal dual or multiple SIM registrations.

Following the CA threats, Kenyans expressed their displeasure, accusing the Communications Authority of failing to explain why they should register previously registered sim cards.

Eliud Karanja filed a lawsuit in the High Court, requesting that the authority be barred from carrying out the exercise, which drew widespread condemnation.

“A declaration that the Directive from the First Respondent to the First and Second Respondents and the Interested Party to carry out fresh registration of their existing and already registered mobile telephone service subscribers is unconstitutional and, thus, null and void,” the petition stated.

Former Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi had also threatened to sue CA.

“I acknowledge receiving a text message to update my SIM Card registration to avoid disconnection. You have my ID card, which was used to register the SIM card. If my line is disconnected, I will take legal action against you.

Former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba

“No Kenyan should be inconvenienced or put to unnecessary expense by mobile phone service providers, even for Ksh1,” the Westland MP aspirant tweeted.

To check the numbers registered under their National Identity cards, mobile users were instructed to dial USD *106#.

Ezra Chiloba Changes His Mind About Sim Card Registration



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