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Election Offences To Avoid On Poll Day – DPP

Election Offences To Avoid.

Kenyans should avoid the following electoral offenses on August 9, according to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

DPP Noordin Haji said in a statement released on Thursday that Kenyans should avoid registering to vote more than once.

“Voting more than once is a serious offence. Giving or receiving a bribe and use of force, chaos and sexual violence or threats to influence the outcome of an election are offences,” DPP said.

He also stated that voting in the name of another person, dead or alive, at a polling station is an election offense.

During the election period, he advised Kenyans to avoid impersonating an election official.

“Use of public resources to campaign during elections and the use of force to compel a person to support a particular candidate or political party is wrong,” DPP said.

According to Haji, the public, public officers, police, aspirants for political office, organizations, agents, and election officials, among others, can commit the offenses.

He stated that electoral justice will contribute to more free and fair elections.

He urged Kenyans not to commit election violations or face jail time.

The DPP launched an election call center on Wednesday, ahead of the August elections.

He stated that the center would aid in bridging the gap between what happens at the police station and what happens on the ground.

“The purpose is to have us as the ODPP because we are the ones mandated to direct investigations even where the police have not commenced,” he said.

“Time has no expiry date. This will allow us to plan and to give justice to every person who has brought a complaint and has not been able to.” 

The DPP also launched a 24-hour election toll-free line, which will help to streamline citizens’ access to election-related information.

Election Offences To Avoid.



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