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CBC Crisis Over Delay Of Funds As Senate challenge TSC to account for financial logistics of TPD

CBC Crisis Over Delay Of Funds As Senate challenge TSC to account for financial logistics of TPD

The Senate Committee on Education cautions that the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) is on the verge of collapse due to Treasury's failure to release funds to schools.

The delay in disbursing funds by Treasury, according to Committee Chair Alice Milgo, could jeopardize the continuity of the new education system.

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“The Senate Committee on Education is fully behind the Competency-Based Curriculum as it will provide skills for our children, but funding is turning out to be a new challenge,” said Dr Milgo.

Milgo was speaking in Naivasha where Senate committee members met with stakeholders in the education sector to discuss curriculum implementation.

According to the committee, the primary school students who will enter Grade Six in May of next year will be the most affected.

Members mentioned yesterday that due to a lack of funding, over 1,000 public schools in Kenya had not received learning materials under the Digital Learning Programme (DLP).

Milgo stated that the Committee was eager for the program to provide learning materials to a total of 1,119 public schools.

While praising the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) for its dedication to ensuring the success of CBC, Milgo stated that they were prepared to summon the Treasury Cabinet Secretary over the delay in releasing funds.

 Senate challenge TSC to account for the financial logistics of TPD

Milgo challenged the government to account for the financial logistics of the contentious mandatory Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training program.

This comes days after The national assembly suggested that the mandate of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) be reviewed in order to limit its regulatory powers.

The National Assembly Committee on Education advocates for a separation of powers, with the TSC acting solely as an employer and a separate entity acting as a regulator. The regulatory body has yet to be determined.

The court allows TSC to continue working with TPD while the case is being heard. A regulator is a public organization that establishes the standards for activities and imposes and enforces requirements on those who enter and work in the profession.

If implemented, the teaching profession will follow in the footsteps of the medical profession, where the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists, and Dentists Union is the regulator and counties are the employers.

Nominated senator Getrude Musuruve echoed her sentiments, saying that the government should fully fund the training.

“We support the move to train teachers under the new curriculum, but the government should fund this as an incentive to the teaching fraternity,” she said.

The TPD module will require teachers to complete five years of in-service professional training before their certificates can be renewed. Teachers will be given a number of points at the end of each module that will not be made public.

The professional development will last 30 years and will be divided into six modules, each lasting five years with teachers paying Ksh.6000 per year.

Dr. Musuruve, who represents disabled people, added that more funds should be allocated to the education docket, specifically to support students with special needs.

“We are impressed by the measures put in place by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development in making sure that students with special needs can learn,” she said.

Meanwhile, KICD CEO Charles Ong'ondo stated that the process of engaging education stakeholders on the new curriculum had begun.

“We are committed in this exercise of making sure that the CBC is successful and we shall in future involve the senate committee in all our undertakings,” said Prof Ong’ondo.



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