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Bizarre as Man is found licking blood of a dead teacher in mortuary

22-year-old man in Homa Bay county has been licking the blood of a dead body in a mortuary.

The man, known as ‘Onyango’, has been arrested for allegedly licking the blood from a woman believed to be an Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE teacher) at a local school within Gul Kagembe area.

The said-teacher, police report indicates was shot dead with 3 bullets by unknown gangsters at her home in Rangwe on Tuesday night.


It is reported that Onyango who is believed to be hailing from Ndhiwa, visited the mortuary on Thursday afternoon, where the body had been taken.

The mortuary attendants instructed him to follow the right procedure for anyone who requests to view a body. The attendants say when Onyango was asked to specify the name of the person he was going to view his body he gave a male name.

After examining the registry, it was sure that the name he had given was recorded and he was allowed to enter the morgue alongside a boda boda rider that he came along with and walked straight to where the said named body was.

A few minutes later they decided to leave after viewing the body and as they approached the exit door, Onyango saw the teacher’s body and instead knelt beside and begun licking it.

“He started by tasting the blood with his right finger before he knelt and reached out by his tongue,” one of the attendants who witnessed the incident told police.

This action attracted the attention of the mortuary attendants leading to his arrest by the hospital security officers who later handed him to the police.

Homa Bay Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Officer Monica Berege stated that they are interrogating Onyango adding that Onyango’s actions needed careful investigations on his link with the teacher’s death.

“We want to get more information regarding why he was licking the teacher’s blood. This will help us know if there is any link between his actions and the teacher’s death,” Berege said.

Mrs Berege noted that the preliminary investigation showed that Onyango might be a drug addict.

“He looks like a drug addict but we cannot assume anything. He is telling us that he comes from Ndhiwa but the place may not be his real home. We will have to visit his home to view the environment,” Berege said.

The 40-year-old teacher was shot dead by unknown criminals who the police are yet to establish.



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