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Alshabaab Shoot And Kill Class Seven Pupil In Wajir

Suspected Alshabaab terror group stormed the home of one NPR officer named Noor Jibril in khorof Harar district in Wajir East Sub-county. The militants fired live bullets killing his son identified as Abdirizak Omar,15, a class 7 pupil at Khorof Harar primary school.

Jibril said that the unknown number of suspected AL Shabaab entered his home at 9 pm. They were looking for him. On failure to locate him, they started shooting and, in that process, he lost his son.


“Together with other NPR officers, we were guarding the Hospital (Khorof Harar Hospital) when the suspected Alshabaab attacked my house. We heard the gunshots and we immediately rushed to the scene.

Unfortunately, by the time we reached there they had already shot my son and disappeared ” Jibril said.

Jibril reported the matter to the police and was recorded on the Occurrence Book number documented at 2330 hours on May 24. The boy is being buried at Khorof Harar district as security officers in the area pursue the attackers.




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