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AGAIN, EMBU MCAs will earn Ksh520,000 each for learning good manners in Tanzania.

AGAIN, EMBU MCAs will earn Ksh520,000 each for learning good manners in Tanzania.

33 members of the Embu County Assembly left today for Arusha, Tanzania, to learn basic etiquette.

This comes just a week after legislators adjourned the assembly for the Christmas holidays. They will begin again on February 8, 2022.

The MCAs will be flying to Arusha for the second time in five years. They previously visited Tanzania to learn basic etiquette and campaign language to woo electorates in the upcoming general elections.


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According to insider information, the lawmakers will earn approximately Ksh 520,576 during their 14-day stay in Arusha. Part of their wages will be deducted from their allowances, which are currently set at Ksh 37,184 per person a day.

The taxpayers will pay Ksh20 million for the MCAs’ visit, plus Ksh2-3 million in training fees to the East and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI).

The MCAs are said to have transferred Ksh10 million from the kitty of the County Assembly Sports Association (CASA) to fund their foreign travel.

Some of the MCAs complained about their financial situation vowed to push for more foreign trips to fund their retirement.

Politicians are also rushing to earn enough money for campaigns. They are to repay a Ksh600,000 tax debt for a Ksh2 million car loan issued by President Kenyatta last year.

Previously meant to entice them to support the Building Bridges Initiative in County Assemblies.

Some of the MCAs who spoke to the local press, fearing retaliation, stated that they saw no problem with the trip.

They claimed that the trip was all about building capacity, while the Embu Senator Njeru Ndwiga blasted them for their proclivity

“You won’t find any of our MCAs in Embu.” They are constantly travelling to Tanzania and Nairobi. “This is a waste of public funds,” Ndwiga stated.

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