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A Semester Without Helb: Moi University Students On The Verge Of Starvation.

Moi University students staged a demonstration protesting delays in HELB loans. The students barricaded roads protesting the over delayed release of loans by the treasury.

The students said that they are almost doing their exams and the government has not given them loans to cater for school fees and food.

Students have now issued a one-week ultimatum for funds to be availed we need money to pay the fee.

“We need the money so that we can do the exams. Our suffering cannot be here in vain. We ask the relevant officers to stop frustrating education in Kenya. Pay money for comrades so that we can cater for our fees, we can do our education and we can finish this place. Its time to be successful people who can occupy those offices.” A student said.

Moi university administration had on 8th of March noted that several students are on the verge of starvation. Through its dean of students Dr Jonah Ayieko, the administration has requested students who are starving to present their details to his office for urgent assistance.

The affected students are several students from Moi University main campus who have been facing food challenge since the administration burned cooking in the hostels in 2019.

“The government and the sponsors out there… we’re not going to watch our fellow comrades die of hunger. We say that we are towards achieving sustainable development goals and zero hunger is one of them, so we are not going to wait till everyone dies. Life here also is unbearable considering that there are no hostels here, people are paying rent.” A student stated.

Since the ban was enforced all students residing in the university’s hostels were left with no other option than buying food from the restaurants outside the campus.

However, not all students can afford food from outside. According to students, the food is expensive and the financial support from HELB is not enough.



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