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Khaligraph Jones and Sarkodie collaborate on a massive hit

Brian Omollo popularly known as Khaligraph Jones is giving many African rappers a run in their talent after his latest song Wavy in which he has collaborated Ghanian rapper Sarkodie who has featured in the hit. The song which was released today at 11 am is gaining views every second and those watching over say that it is going to top over at number one in trending.

While listening to the song one cannot get enough of the two African talents with Jones coming in with a flow never seen before as Sarkodie joins in on the second verse also him going out of his way spitting and spitting rapid flows. Honestly, I even could not keep with the speed of the two.

The beat orchestrated by hit producer Motif di Don is one of a kind that even one while listening can get into the flow synching with the two rappers. The video keeps one glued to the screen trying to capture every moment of it.

Sarkodie who hails from Ghana has come with a flow both from his native language with a mixture of English while Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has in his flow a mixture of English and Swahili.

Both rappers are he international names in the industry where even Khaligraph, last year was nominated for the MAMA and BET awards for a best international act where British rapper Stormzy who was also battling out made away with the crown.

Khaligraph has also been named best rapper in Africa. His songs are catchy with a flow of its kind and his fans cannot keep it cool. Checking out some of the comments on the released video were hails as followed:

Alex Mathenge wrote TWO GOATS, ONE TRACK, ONE AFRICA. from the other GOAT!
Tileh Pacbro wrote ka ni kuroga you know who the champ is.
WODE MAYA: East meet west
Mbeya Conscious: East Africa Forever.

Honestly speaking this is a job well done where Khaligraph is challenging other rappers as he sets high standards for them. The OG shall be respected.



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