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80 Per Cent Of Secondary School Boys Are Sexually Active. Some Engage In Drug Abuse and Trafficking

Eighty per cent of secondary school boys are sexually active. This is according to Maendeleo ya Wanaume Organisation (Mawe) survey that was conducted between July and August.

In its findings, Mawe revealed that eight out of ten males had a sexual relationship with a girl in their teenage years. The survey was conducted in Taita Taveta, Meru, Kiambu, Migori and  Narok counties.

The survey reveals that seventy per cent of boys are unwilling to repeat classes if forcing them to do so could be the plan once schools re-open.

In Meru County, the Mawe survey revealed that 3 out of 10 high school students are most likely to drop out of school in order to work in the lucrative miraa business at the cost of learning.

Miraa consumption among teenage boys in Meru County is an issue of concern as the survey indicates that about 6 out of 10 male students in secondary schools chew miraa.

The National government has been blamed for not enacting stringent policies to regulate the Miraa business and to prevent abuse by learners. It emerged that from the age of 12 years, the Meru Country teenagers abuse miraa.

In Taita Taveta Country, the survey found out that almost 15% of minor boys engage in homosexuality, drug abuse alcohol and trafficking.

According to the survey, Taita-Taveta has a high number of drug abusers and traffickers. Three of 10 underage boys found to be affected by this lifestyle.

Thirty per cent of learners in the county are most likely to drop out of school to engage in mining trade according to the trend.

In Kiambu Country, a lot of underage boys engage in boda boda business as well as menial jobs in markets such as collecting and selling scrap metals and carrying goods. This is linked to its metropolitan essence. The area is prone to child labour.

The survey further revealed that teenagers in this region engage in criminal activities and join part of criminal gangs


Sex Education. Mr Nderitu Njoka the chairman proposes the introduction of sex education in secondary schools. He adds that by doing so, students will get enough knowledge and understanding of their bodies and the impacts of engaging in irresponsible sexual behaviour.

He proposes that the education ministry introduce guidance and counselling classes at primary and secondary schools level due to the horrendous behaviour changes observed among learners and the damaging effects of drug abuse during the pandemic lockdown.

Nderitu says that learners should never be forced to repeat classes. This will prevent any unnecessary unrest that could occur as an impact of learners being forced to repeat.

Mr Njoka noted that there are insufficient government programs that look into the plight of the endangered boy child. He proposes an upscale to the programs.

The Church has, on numerous events, opposed the debates on sex education introduction in school asserting that learners will become more unethical and immoral.



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