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30-Year-Old Lady Arrested For Subjecting Daughters To FGM

30-Year-Old Lady Arrested For Subjecting Daughters To FGM

A 30-year-old lady who is accused of subjecting her two kids to Female Genital Mutilation has been detained by police in the Naroosura area of Narok South Sub County (FGM).

The children, ages 13 and 11, were transferred to Naroosura Health Centre, where it was determined that they had undergone FGM, according to Pilot Khaemba, Narok County Children Officer.

Nooparakuo Rinka, the mother of the minors, is being held at Naroosura police station, he said, while the minors are in the custody of the children’s office.

He stated that the arrest was made as a result of a tip from members of the public who told authorities about the suspected FGM occurrence at the household.

The area Chief Moses Tuarari led police authorities to Konene Rinka’s residence, where they discovered the two children recovering from FGM on November 30, 2022.

The suspect is expected to be charged with aiding and abetting FGM before the Narok law courts.

The arrest comes a day after Narok County Commissioner Isaac Masinde warned chiefs who hide FGM perpetrators that they risk losing their jobs.

Masinde accused chiefs of accepting cheap presents such as cattle to conceal FGM perpetrators, saying any chief who fails to report a FGM incident in his area of jurisdiction will be promptly interdicted.

The CC, who spoke to heads and their assistants at Narok Teachers’ Training College, urged administrators to be cautious over the holiday season because schools are closed.

“You all know that FGM is illegal in the world, yet you are collaborating with the villagers to hide the culprits. A time has come to sack any chiefs and their assistants who will not report FGM incidents in their areas,” he said.

30-Year-Old Lady Arrested For Subjecting Daughters To FGM



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